Quality Assurance

We have a robust Quality System that allows us to manage the various processes and related procedures in the various company organizational areas with the utmost guarantee.

The system consists of these elements:

  • Quality Control
  • Management of operating procedure
  • Training
  • Food defense
  • Food and personal security
  • Certifications

In this context, the head of QA has internal and external resources for maintaining the system and continuously improving it, aligning it with emerging regulatory and commercial requirements..

Quality control

Quality control in Pasta Lensi is not a mere analytical control, but a profound structured process that involves the participation of different components, starting from the suppliers and reaching the line operators. Various activities are carried out, coordinated and controlled by the QC team.
Thousands of analyzes are carried out each year by internal and external laboratories, covering the validation of components, semi-finished and finished products, as well as specific environmental analyzes for the validation of the various plant sanitation processes.


We have obtained the following certifications: