1920 : the orgins

In the quaint medieval village of Vinci, where inspiration thrived in the heart and brush of Leonardo Da Vinci, artisans worked their family crafts in old stone buildings with terracotta tile roofs along the cobblestone streets.

L’arte della pasta was the trade of Signor Vasco Lensi in 1920. He and his family hand made small batches of pasta, leaving them to dry in the sun-drenched open air.
They packed the pasta in paper bags, loaded them into the back of the small family truck and rumbled through the hillsides of Vinci and Florence, passing vineyards and open farmland, to make home deliveries of fresh-made pasta.

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1960: the first innovations

Over some 40 years, the family business blossomed under Vasco Lensi’s guidance as he tutored his son Marzio in the business.
Marzio added updated equipment to the growing operation and eventually built a pasta factory with full production lines.
With a continued commitment to the time-honored trade, he introduced new products into the European market.
Some of his early innovations included organic, tri color and special wheat pastas.

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1990: international development

At the end of the 1980s, in the wake of strong national economic development, the company entered new markets, expanding its commercial activities in Europe and in other areas including Latin America, Canada and the USA, thanks also to his daughter Marzia, who acquired the commercial responsibility of the company.
The respect of the pasta tradition acquired by the love and passion of three generations remains unchanged, and Lensi is recognized as the leading company for continuous innovation while staying true to the tradition linked to L’arte della pasta.

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2000: Pasta Lensi
is founded

At the beginning of the 2000s, thanks to American Italian Pasta (AIPC), leader in the production of pasta for private label brands, a new, modern and efficient factory was founded in Verolanuova which, thanks to the acquisition of the Lensi brand, continues to offer tradition, combining it with innovation and the management by a group of strong, skilled and competent group of people.
The new headquarters, equipped with highly technological systems, allows PASTA LENSI to expand its horizons to an increasingly global market and to ever more demanding customers on the quality and healthiness of the product, all with a strong propensity to innovation.

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Present days:
a global business

In recent years, PASTA LENSI has continued its development, completing it with the acquisition of the former Annoni pasta factory, leader in the production of lasagne, cannelloni and pizzoccheri

Today PASTA LENSI, which is part of the Winland Foods group, leader in food products in the United States market, is undoubtedly an undisputed protagonist in the production of functional, biological and innovative products with a primary focus on private brands and with a careful brand development policy.

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