Market segments

Our focus has always been to support the various market segments so to offer customers the solutions best suited to individual needs, both in terms of product and service.


Whether it is our brand or customer’s brand, our ability is to provide customized solutions in terms of product range and packaging.
Technical development and customer service activities are fundamental in this area to provide customers with quick answers and maximum cooperation to increase the value of their business.
The possibility of expanding the range to special products also allows the customer to value his brand and improve profitability.


The customer is very demanding as they are experts that work the product in a professional manner. The ability to produce high quality products is fundamental to guarantee the user the same performance every day.


Here the focus is on two essential points; product quality and service.
A meticulous care and standardization of product and process is required to always guarantee the same final performance.
Furthermore our pasta is one of the ingredients of our customer’s product, therefore punctuality and care in delivery are key elements to prevent the entire production chain from slowing down. For years we have been the point of reference for the processing and production industry of ready meals that use pasta as the main ingredient

Thanks to a wide range of products and our flexibility, we are the ideal partner for those who do not have the appropriate technology or organization for the production of special products