Raw materials

The different cereals that we use for our productions are part of a controlled supply chain that starts with the selection of the most suitable varieties, passing to the cultivation and the relative controls in the field, up to the first transformation of the cereal into flour.
We work with competent and highly experienced partners and we implement strict protocols that allow us to validate the different moments/phases of production of the ingredients we turn/transform into pasta.
All this allows us to be able to count on simple, safe and high quality ingredients that are crucial to achieving an excellent result in the production of our products.

Production & Packaging

The combination of the best technology and qualified personnel, allows us to transform precious ingredients into superior finished goods.

The versatility of the systems and organizational flexibility allow Pasta Lensi to adapt to the production of different shapes and recipes, always guaranteeing a high level of quality and reliability.

The wide range of shapes and the ability to process different ingredients, also with bronze dies, make it possible to produce a product that is best suited to different types of consumption, guaranteeing an excellent performance.

The drying processes are fundamental for the success of the product; they are constantly monitored thanks to the state-of-the-art systems that allow to manage production times and modes, maintaining the organoleptic characteristics of the raw materials.

The product packaging covers a wide range of needs, from food service to large retailers. 

Logistic & Customer care

Pasta Lensi has storage warehouses all over the world dedicated to our customers, in order to manage in a short time order fulfillment and guarantee a punctual service.

The goods in stock are conserved, handled and maintained under strict control by qualified personnel who daily engage to ensure that our logistics meet the high level of service requested by customers.

The quality of our services will accompany you in every phase, from the initial sampling to after-sales service, with the knowledge that each customer is precious and is a separate entity, “a world apart”.  

The Pasta Lensi Customer Service team comprises staff speaking many languages, who are able to promptly and professionally reply to the needs of the customer across the board 360°.