Innovation has always been a focal point of great attention for Pasta Lensi.

We have two key elements in terms of innovation; the skills and organizational flexibility that allow us to quickly create and produce new products and concepts.

Over the years we have been able to seize the opportunities linked to market trends by adapting our organization in order to provide customers with novelties, before these were then spread on a large scale.

A few examples:

  • Already in 2003 we were the first to pack pasta in polythened paper packs, developing this concept with the supplier. Since then this type of packaging has become very widespread.
  • In 2006 we launched the first gluten free pasta made of only corn and rice, with a quality comparable to semolina pasta, effectively marking a clear division and creating a new market for these products.

Our journey continues; LINCE (Lensi Innovation Center), is constantly attentive to new trends and to capturing market opportunities and customer needs.