Our values

Pasta Lensi encloses within itself, and firmly defends, multiple values ​​that align both with the policy of our parent company, as well as with the requirements that our society, our customers and our partners require

  • Behaviour and integrity We have adopted a code of ethics signed by all our workers and we adopt an organizational model in accordance with the Legislative Decree 231, both of which are constantly updated and verified by a special external board.
  • Reputation A very fragile element. What we say and what we do is constantly subjected to external judgement, which is why we are very careful in keeping the focus on transforming what we declare and plan into facts.
  • Customers They represent a significant value and a constant challenge. Their success is our victory, which is why we strive every day to improve products, answers and services in order to continue to receive their trust.
  • Passion and Collaboration Passion drives our work in all its nuances, and makes it every day compelling and gives us the energy to overcome the most complex challenges. Our work team expresses a strong capacity for collaboration and union to achieve the most sought-after goals together.
  • Respect Respect for others is an essential element of our values. It is always at the center of our program and we work hard to avoid discrimination, to safeguard the health of our collaborators, protecting dignity and human rights.
  • Results and responsibility We are guided by our instinct for results and this allows us to continue to maintain a challenging environment that is always ready to face new paths. Taking responsibility is the basis of the work for all of us and we are aware of how lucky we are/the luck that we have and, at the same time, of the criticality that our choices can determine.