Cookie policy
Last update : Maggio 2018

Cookies are small text files that the sites visited by the user send to the device (computer or mobile device).  They are stored in the corresponding browser folder while the user is intent on visiting a website, to then be re-transmitted to same sites on subsequent visits.
They are used for the purpose of improving navigation and saving user preferences already entered (username, password, etc.), tracking the tastes and preferences of the user, allowing them to manage the presence or absence of targeted marketing initiatives or the provision of  services connected to the activity of the Owner such as newsletter, etc.
If limitations are placed on their use this will certainly affect the status of the user during the consultation. Blocking or removing them from the browser cache could cause an incomplete use of the services offered by the web application.

Technical cookies for which user authorization is not required and are divided into:

  • Session cookies that simply “exist” for the duration of the user’s session. When the browser is closed, session cookies expire. These are generally used to identify users when they access a site, to remind the user of their preferences in switching between the pages of the site, to provide them with specific information previously collected.
  • Service cookies remain active even after the browser is closed and help the sites to remember user data and settings for later consultation. This allows faster and more convenient access in terms of time since it is not necessary to log in again.

They are used, for example, by the site that the visitor first chose and which contains ads from another server or third party website.
Operationally the browser collects the information fed by different sources so that all the elements are displayed on the same page, thus creating more Cookies in the corresponding browser folder.
All these Cookies can be removed directly from the browser settings or through special programs, even free of charge, or their creation can be blocked.
In the latter case some site services may not work as expected and it may not be possible to access or, even not having the associated Cookie, lose user preferences, so the information would be displayed in the wrong local form or may not be available.

WWW.PASTALENSI.IT uses third party services that in turn use cookies.

Following the list of these services:

–​​ Google
– Google maps  for the contacts area
– Cookies inside the system for choosing the language

For the type of cookies used, browsing on the website WWW.PASTALENSI.IT implies acceptance of the conditions of use, including the functions linked to cookies that can be disabled using the specific options present in the various types of browser and illustrated in the next paragraph .

By disabling cookies, however, the operation of this site may be compromised.
By closing the banner on this page or clicking on a link, you consent to the use of cookies.Where to find information on how to disable or manage cookies in different browsers:

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